Information for Schools

This page has been designed to collate information for schools to help staff navigate the various sections of our website with ease.

about in2medschool

You can learn about the following aspects of In2MedSchool by clicking on the relevant sections below:

Policies and Statements

Information regarding In2MedSchool Policies and Statements can be found by clicking on the link or following to the page from our footer section. The policies involve:

Who to contact

  • For general national queries please contact

  • For any welfare queries or concerns, please contact our Welfare Director

  • For any safeguarding issues, please refer to the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy, and contact one of the Designated Safeguarding Officers listed here

  • For queries aimed at your local region (overlooked by a Regional Head), please email the designated Regional Head by finding their details here

  • For queries related to our website or to give feedback please use the form on our Contact page

Where do students sign up?

Please advise students who meet the widening participation criteria to fill in the sign-up form

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Please refer to the FAQ section to find out answers relating to questions raised by those interested in signing up, or coming from our Mentees or participating schools.