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I2MS IAP Conference 2023

The first IAP Conference will be held at Imperial College London in 2023. This student-led event will bring in over 100 Sixth Form students who are applying to do Medicine in 2023/4 under the Acceleration Programme. The conference is designed to further develop attendees' skills and knowledge in preparation for their applications to their chosen medical schools as well as facilitate the Lifestyle Hackathon event that students have been preparing for since the beginning of the year. 

Date: 29th April 2023 09:00 – 17:30 

Number of attendees: 150 

Events: Lectures, Hackathon, Awards ceremony


  • Improve aspiring medical students’ knowledge in medical topics including physiology, biological, social sciences, ethics, and law. 

  • Facilitate the Lifestyle Hackathon and the discussions surrounding how to improve students' lifestyles within their own communities. 

  • Provide lectures and seminars including IAP Spotlights to give students a taste at university-style medical education. 

Imperial College London


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