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The I2MS acceleration programme is proud to announce the launch of a Hackathon, which will serve as the centrepiece of the I2MS Conference in April. This event builds upon the lifestyle teachings from Term 1 (Phase 1) and the essay competition from Term 2 (Phase 2). In Phase 3, the Hackathon provides students with the opportunity to apply what they have learned and make a tangible impact on health outcomes in their local communities. 

Hackathon video

Our Hackathon Competition leads, Shivani Welling (left) and Leckhna Chajed (right) speak about the Hackathon


  • Design a sustainable intervention that addresses a lifestyle challenge in the student's school or local community. 

  • Develop a deep understanding of the root causes of the challenge and design an effective solution. 

  • Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills, allowing students to demonstrate their potential as future scientists and public health doctors. 

  • Foster teamwork, leadership, and communication skills through the collaborative design process. 

General Information

  • Teams of 6 students will be formed by the teacher. 

  • Schools with more than 6 students may have multiple teams. 

  • Teachers may invite students from outside IAP to join the teams if their IAP cohort has less than 6 participants. 

  • The event is open to all Year 12 and 13 students within the IAP, and it is encouraged to include students from allied subjects. 

Support and guidance

  • An introductory video detailing the Hackathon process and expectations will be provided to teachers and students. 

  • Weekly worksheets will be sent to guide students through each stage of the competition, starting on March 6th for 8 consecutive weeks. 


Week 1 - Getting your team together 
Week 2 - Identifying the problem - what inequalities exist in your community?
Week 3 - Who will be impacted by your intervention?
Week 4 - Planning your intervention 1 - what, where and why?
Week 5 - Planning your intervention 2 - feasibility and sustainability 
Week 6 - How will you judge success?
Week 7 - Acting on feedback and improving your intervention
Week 8 - Getting ready to present your interventions

Final round 

  • The final round will take place during the I2MS conference, where the top 6 teams will present their pitches to the judges and students. 

  • The winning team will be selected based on a combination of student and judge votes, with two runners-up recognised for specific attributes such as teamwork, creativity, and more. 

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