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In2MedSchool Acceleration Programme (IAP) was set up with the aim to increase the percentage of schools from where students apply to study medicine. Regardless of educational or socioeconomic background, we share the belief of Michael Marmot as set out in his 2010’s review of existing inequalities, that we need to enable citizens of all ages to maximise their capabilities and thus, the control over their own lives.  Put simply, IAP aims to give aspiring medical students the confidence and ambition to succeed with their educational aims as well as their lives.


Programme Streams

Academia stream:


​A student who is looking into entering Medicine at an undergraduate level, needs to have an application that stands out among the rest. At the age of 17/18 they are expected to have achieved more than their peers, a feat that requires a great deal of support from their parents and teachers, but also greatly affected by socioeconomic factors. Understandably, some students have greater access to such support, making their application process easier when compared to those coming from underprivileged background.

Our scheme is dedicated to targeting this problem as research has shown that these will benefit the health of the UK’s general public directly. Medical school graduates are more likely to practice closer to their home town, meaning doctors from Widening Participation backgrounds are more likely to work in underserved regions (Garcia et al., 2018).

Lifestyle education:


Students face a multitude of barriers when attempting to access crucial information regarding their health. When it comes to their lifestyle, students appear less motivated to develop healthy behaviours with this partly because of students being unaware of the importance of a maintaining a good lifestyle. 

IAP recognises that learning about your health is complicated. From conflicting articles to unexplained medical jargon, the barriers to reliable health information continue to pile. It is easy for young people to lose focus and not engage with the material. Most of the population relies on medicines when it comes to their health but less of them plan on making any changes to their health.

Enhancing students interpersonal skills:

Interpersonal skills are personal attributes that enable an individual to communicate effectively with other people. Some such skills include communication, teamwork, time management, problem-solving and critical thinking. These skills are not only fundamental to a student’s academic success, but they also improve their employability.

It is essential for doctors to be able to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues to ensure patient care is optimised. Some of the consequences of poor communication in healthcare are reduced quality of care, poorer outcomes for patients and increased resource wastage.​


curriculum schedule:

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Session layout:

Sessions will be held online or in person at no cost to schools. Each session will be run by an experienced doctor, or a current medical student provided by In2MedSchool. The host will focus on delivering teaching following our established curriculum (see below) aimed at giving students the information necessary to thrive at the medical school application stage and beyond. The I2MS officer will focus on ensuring sessions run smoothly by providing technical support and promoting student interaction. A short form will be sent out to students prior to and following the session to assess their opinions on the session/teaching and its efficacy.

Teachers will be asked to ensure where possible to monitor their students and aid the In2MedSchool volunteer in behaviour management, form completion and engagement. These sessions will run and hosted on Zoom on a Weekday Evening during the 2022/23 academic year. Exact time will be liaised to best suit the speaker and school.


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