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Frequently asked questions


Q: What is IAP?  

A: The In2MedSchool Acceleration Programme (IAP) is a non-profit initiative aimed at addressing the educational disparities between state and independent schools and supporting student applications to medicine and dentistry. The program was designed by medical students and received advice from leading physicians at Imperial College London and the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. 


Q: What does IAP offer?  

A: IAP provides comprehensive support, including CV and personal statement assistance, interview preparation, and teaching sessions on crucial topics like the UCAS application process, ethics, and NHS affairs. The program also offers health education through its lifestyle component, covering topics like healthy habits, chronic conditions, and public health. 


Q: Who runs IAP?  

A: IAP is run by a team of medical students from across the UK, with a curriculum designed by the committee of medical students and advisories from leading physicians at Imperial College London and the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. 


Q: Who is eligible for IAP?  

A: The program is open to students in Year 12-13 from enrolled state schools who are interested in pursuing medicine or dentistry in university. 


Q: How can schools enrol for IAP?  

A: Enrolment for schools occurs once per academic year during summer. Qualifying schools may reach out to IAP via email to enrol. 


Q: Is there a cost for IAP?  

A: IAP is offered to qualifying schools and their students for free, as I2MS is a non-profit charity. 


Q: How can Year 12/13 students enrol in IAP?  

A: Students are not able to enrol in IAP as an individual. If a student's school is enrolled in IAP and they are interested in pursuing medicine or dentistry in university, they will be eligible to participate. If their school is not yet enrolled, they may reach out to IAP via email. 


Q: How can medical students get involved in IAP?  

A: IAP recruits officers annually, and interested medical students may look out for updates on LinkedIn, Instagram, and the IAP website. 


Q: What is the IAP curriculum like?  

A: A full curriculum schedule can be found on the IAP website under "Curriculum". 


Q: How does IAP ensure student safeguarding?  

A: IAP has a strict safeguarding policy, and all volunteers receive annual safeguarding training. Any safeguarding concerns must be reported via the reporting tool and will be taken seriously. 


Q: How can I stay updated on IAP news and events?  

A: Follow IAP on Instagram, LinkedIn, and the website for updates on enrolment, upcoming events, conferences, and competitions. 

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