As part of the In2MedSchool Mentoring Programme, we are offering the opportunity for our Mentees to become medical bloggers. This is a great opportunity for them to explore an area that they are particularly interested in, and is great for personal statement writing and preparation for interviews.

You can
find more information about making a blog submission here or by visiting the Opportunities section of our website.

We are proud of our Mentees who submitted for the blog including:

  • Olaoluwa Ogundipe, Year 12/S5 - St Thomas Apostle College

Please check out their entries by clicking here and look out for an update with more entries soon!

BLOG TOPIC: Please write about a recent study or discovery that you found interesting and explain what you think the implications are for the medical field?

Vaccination against Covid-19 by Olaoluwa Ogundipe, Year 12/S5 - St Thomas Apostle College

Vaccine rollout stuff - marked - Prince Lalex.docx