Our Trustees

I2MS - BRIAN.jpg
Brian Wang


Founder & Trustee

"I set up In2MedSchool to help the next generation of aspiring medics achieve their dreams. My experience as a medical student and doctor has shown me the importance of having medical professionals from all walks of life. The fundamental belief of In2MedSchool is that all aspiring medics should have an equal opportunity in pursing a career in Medicine, no matter their background."

gabriela barzyk


Founding Member & Trustee

"Having had to chase opportunities with various struggles along the way as a widening participation student, I want to encourage and support our future generation of medical students. My work to set up the foundations of In2MedSchool (through roles including Vice President, Webmaster, Warwick Regional Head 20/21, Mentor, policy and resource development and various other roles) means that I have a good understanding of the needs of our Mentees and the initiative"

andrew turnbull


School Representative & TRUSTEE

"I feel privileged to be involved in In2MedSchool pretty much since it’s inception. Seeing what was a germ of a thought just over a year ago grow into what it currently is, is truly inspirational. A connection in LinkedIn with a fellow rugby player from Wasps FC, a few messages and phone calls later and In2MedSchool was formed. Now over a year later the thousands of volunteers and young people being supported in their journey to become doctor’s is well and truly underway!


Having taught in and around London for over 20 years in a variety of schools, with students from many many different backgrounds gives me a real insight into what might work and also what might be possible with Sixth Formers and those making decisions about courses during and after GCSEs. Now being a headteacher also adds expertise and balance to a great team at In2MedSchool."

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Within In2MedSchool, each region in the UK is attached to a local Medical School, which is overlooked by a Regional Head. Meet our Regional Heads!

Our Mentorship Team

Lee fernandes


Mentorship Director (England)

"Having gone through the medicine application cycle myself, I know how relentless and daunting the process is. When I was in year 12-13, I would have loved the extra insight into the process, what to do, what books to get, how to get the most out of work experience etc. And now, since I’m in this position where I can actually provide help, it made sense for me to get involved."

Joana rodrigues


Mentorship Director

(Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland)

"As someone who had to face their own struggles to become a medical student, I want to help you by sharing advice and supporting you through the process of application. I have a background in teaching and tutoring so I am passionate about helping others. Your experience of being a mentee with In2MedSchool will be rewarding and allow you to get knowledge, experience and advice from people like me who have been through the things you are going through!"

Mentoring - Rohan Chikhal.JPG


National Mentorship Coordinator

(North England)

"I'm incredibly excited to be a part of the National Mentorship Coordination team this year since it will allow me to help students from all kinds of backgrounds across the UK! In2MedSchool is a platform that helps students overcome barriers to higher education while also providing crucial support to those who most need it. I am a firm believer of equal opportunities for all, and I will utilise this platform to share my experience, advice and support with students interested in pursuing a career in Medicine."

Mentoring - Umme.png
Umme alam


National Mentorship Coordinator

(South England)

"Having overcome the challenges of the medical school application process, I wanted to try my best to make it a little easier for those who are in a similar position to me when I was in year 13 and I believe that being part of the In2MedSchool team is the best way to do this!"

rohan Chikhal


National Mentorship Coordinator

(Northern Ireland)

"I am very excited to be a part of In2MedSchool! Applying for medical school can be a seemingly endless challenge, with personal statements, aptitude tests and interviews. Having been through the entire process, I know it isn’t as daunting as it first might seem! I would love to give back to those who would benefit from the support and guidance that In2MedSchool offers, in order to help others to fulfill their potential and to become the great doctors that they aspire to be!"

Our Regional Heads

Heynes Brown

Our Events Team

Anna C.jpg
Anna Chiara Corriero


Events Director

"I'm originally from Italy so when I applied to medical school, I felt very lost and #insecure. I would like to be the guide that younger me would have benefitted so much from, offering advice and kind words of encouragement."

Charmaine Lim

Events Director

"As an international student with no doctors in the family, I have been fortunate with the support I received throughout my medical school application and I aim to return this favour back to those who need it, starting with the family we’ve built in In2MedSchool."

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Bryony Rogers

Events officer

(Student Management)

"I'm really excited to be involved with In2MedSchool this year and to help facilitate some great events!"

Anna J.jpeg
anna jiang


Events officer


"I was first introduced to In2MedSchool by a friend, then I later applied to be a mentor. I enjoyed working with my mentee and wanted to be more involved within the organisation. Therefore I am excited to work with the Events and Media teams this year as the Events and Media Liaison Officer! I look forward to what we will be doing this year and the success of all our amazing aspiring medical students!"


Events officer

(Speaker Management)

"I’m passionate about making medicine accessible to all and giving students the toolkit to make their application the best it can be.

tamzin ogiliev

Our Academia Team

Adrienn Gyori


Academia Director

"Having applied to medical school on two separate occasions, encountering a number of challenges along the way, I’ve accumulated plenty of first-hand experience on what makes for a successful application. With over 10 years of tutoring experience, as an NHS doctor, I’m passionate about supporting I2MS mentees take the first step on this daunting yet exciting journey!"

Louise Penhaligan


Academia Officer


"The UCAT is a unique and tough entry exam and I’m excited to help students find their feet with the UCAT and learn to enjoy it as much as I do! It’s my pleasure to share my passion for learning and problem-solving to help students reach their full potential and make them more competitive in their application to medical school"

Cate Breheny


Academia officer

(MMI Interview)

“I am incredibly excited to be part of the In2MedSchool team and to work to ensure that all talented students get the support they deserve to become doctors. Medical school is for everyone who can succeed there, not just the chosen few – we’re here to put that into practice."

Saamish Zaidi


Academia officer

(Personal Statement & Writing Skills)

"I hope to in general improve the students writing capabilities. The work that In2MedSchool does is commendable, and I love knowing I can be part of such an initiative."


Our Ambassadors Team

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Sanjid seraj

Ambassadors Director

"From working in charity hospitals in Malawi to being a medic for BLM protests, my passion has always been for social change. Being the Ambassador Director, I aim to empower clinicians to mentor and create more opportunities for schoolchildren of widening participation backgrounds and medical students."

Ambassadors - Maya Dyson.jpg
maya dyson


Ambassadors Assistant Director

"Equal opportunities and improving accessibility in medicine is something that is extremely important to me. I’ve really enjoyed my role as an In2MedSchool mentor, and I’m looking forward to expanding on this to help more prospective medical students achieve their aspirations."

Ambassadors - Meg.jpg
megan harrison

Ambassador (Education Officer)

"I really believe in the social cause behind widening participation and feel passionate about providing equity for schoolchildren into higher education, particularly medicine which can seem so inaccessible if you're an outsider. I'm excited to be on board and help with the education side of things."

In2MedSchool logo_edited_edited.png
Ambassadors - Jack.jpg
jack plume


"As soon as I had gotten through the medical school application process, I knew I wanted to play a role in making the process more accessible to all. Mentoring with In2MedSchool has been absolutely fantastic, and I am incredibly excited to play a role in the Ambassador division for the upcoming year."
Ambassadors - Lizzy.jpg
lizzy wasson


Ambassador (Secretary)

"I remember how stressful the process of applying for medicine was and was shocked at the lack of diversity when I arrived. I want to help students from more disadvantaged backgrounds to really pack their applications and show the universities all the amazing things they have to offer."



Media Director

"I joined the team in order to play my part to help those individuals like me, from disadvantaged backgrounds, to achieve their dreams, so that they are inspired to do the same in the future."

Megan (Social Media Officer).jpg

Our Media Team

myurri lohesan
Megan ng


Media Officer (Events)

"Applying to medicine isn’t easy - I remember struggling to navigate the process myself back in sixth form. I hope to help more students tackle the application process so that everyone with an interest in the field, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to realise their ambitions."

Bei Fang.jpg
bei fang teo


Media Officer (Ambassadors)

“I believe that one must always show kindness whenever we can, and I have always lived by this. This is one of the reasons why I joined In2MedSchool to help those in need.”

benjamin khoo


"Being part of In2MedSchool is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has allowed me to work with amazing like-minded and passionate individuals in laying the groundwork to nurture and support aspiring medical students in their journey to preparing for medical school. By launching the newly launched In2MedSchool website, I hope to further simplify and improve access to resources for aspiring student doctors in the United Kingdom."

keagan witts


Photography & Videography Officer

"Since hearing about In2MedSchool I have been in awe and inspired by their work. I'm very privileged to be involved with the media team to help showcase the amazing work of the charity's volunteers, as well as helping spread the message about the options and support available to those who would not otherwise get it. I truly believe that everyone who wants to follow their dreams and become a doctor should be afforded the opportunity to apply and succeed in their ambitions. In2MedSchool offers truly unique opportunities to those that would not receive them otherwise and I'm very proud to say I'm a part of the charity for that."


Our Communications Team

Nikita headshot.JPG
nikita chauhan


Communications Director

"I think it's of great importance that young people are given the support to pursue a future geared to their passions, hence my want to work alongside this scheme. Medicine requires an individualistic approach, medical schools need to witness the upmost applications to view each unique mindset."

Lucy Winrow.jpg


Communications & Mentorship Officer

"Applying for med school without any guidance is something I wouldn't wish on anyone as medicine can seem really hard to understand the application process and make the most of it. It's important that everyone gets a fair shot at getting into med school and I can't wait to help people from backgrounds similar to my own access to as much support as possible."


Our Welfare Team

Hannah okechukwu


Welfare Director

"I am super excited to get involved in this scheme having taken part in other mentoring programmes where I have seen the many challenges some students may face on their journey to medicine. I can’t wait to play my part in giving them much needed support throughout the process as part of the In2MedSchool team"

Nusaybah Akhmid

Welfare Officer

"Applying to medicine is hard but the right support can make it easier. I joined In2MedSchool as a Welfare Officer because I struggled a lot during my application to med school and I want to be able to share what I learnt from the process so that other students feel less isolated and alone."


Grants & Partnerships

Jenna pic (Director of G&P).jpg
jenna stocks


Grants & Partnership Director

"In2MedSchool is a great initiative that helps aspiring medics through the medical application process and makes sure each has equal opportunity. It is a privilege to be a part of the In2MedSchool team and work to secure grants, funds and partnerships for the initiative so it can further support Mentees."

Ioana pic (sponsorship officer).jpg
ionna raducanu

Sponsorship Officer

"I've enjoyed mentoring with In2MedSchool. It's really amazing how motivated my Mentee is. Seeing her passion for medicine helps rekindle my own interest in the degree that I've chosen. It's an incredibly satisfying experience. I feel privileged and grateful to be able to work alongside her in whatever way I can. I wholeheartedly recommend mentoring with In2MedSchool."



Sponsorship Officer

"I'm so excited to be working towards making medicine more accessible. I believe becoming a doctor should be for those who are willing to work for it and feel their purpose lies in a career in medicine. Widening participation is an endeavour close to my heart."

tracy nguyen