Our Trustees

I2MS - BRIAN.jpg
Brian Wang


Founder & Trustee

"I set up In2MedSchool to help the next generation of aspiring medics achieve their dreams. My experience as a medical student and doctor has shown me the importance of having medical professionals from all walks of life. The fundamental belief of In2MedSchool is that all aspiring medics should have an equal opportunity in pursing a career in Medicine, no matter their background."

gabriela barzyk


Founding Member & Trustee

"Having had to chase opportunities with various struggles along the way as a widening participation student, I want to encourage and support our future generation of medical students. My work to set up the foundations of In2MedSchool (through roles including Vice President, Webmaster, Warwick Regional Head 20/21, Mentor, policy and resource development and various other roles) means that I have a good understanding of the needs of our Mentees and the initiative"

andrew turnbull


School Representative & TRUSTEE

"I feel privileged to be involved in In2MedSchool pretty much since it’s inception. Seeing what was a germ of a thought just over a year ago grow into what it currently is, is truly inspirational. A connection in LinkedIn with a fellow rugby player from Wasps FC, a few messages and phone calls later and In2MedSchool was formed. Now over a year later the thousands of volunteers and young people being supported in their journey to become doctor’s is well and truly underway!


Having taught in and around London for over 20 years in a variety of schools, with students from many many different backgrounds gives me a real insight into what might work and also what might be possible with Sixth Formers and those making decisions about courses during and after GCSEs. Now being a headteacher also adds expertise and balance to a great team at In2MedSchool."

Our Mentorship Team

Joana rodrigues


Mentorship Director

"I am passionate about helping others going through the same difficulties I faced when I applied to Medicine. My background in teaching and tutoring allows me to be empathic and understanding. As a Director at In2MedSchool, my role involves overseeing mentoring for Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish pupils and making sure that the resources and support we provide is as inclusive as possible for everyone involved."

Mentoring - Rohan Chikhal.JPG
rohan Chikhal


Head of National Mentorship Data & Analytics 

"I'm thrilled to be a part of the In2MedSchool team because it allows me to assist students from all kinds of backgrounds across the UK! In2MedSchool is a platform that assists students in overcoming barriers to higher education while also providing important guidance to those in greatest need. I am a firm believer in equal opportunities for all, and I will use this platform to share my experience, advice, and support with students considering a career in medicine."

Mentoring - Heynes.jpg
Heynes Brown


National Mentorship Coordinator

(Northern Ireland)

"I am very excited to be a part of In2MedSchool! Applying for medical school can be a seemingly endless challenge, with personal statements, aptitude tests and interviews. Having been through the entire process, I know it isn’t as daunting as it first might seem! I would love to give back to those who would benefit from the support and guidance that In2MedSchool offers, in order to help others to fulfill their potential and to become the great doctors that they aspire to be!"

Wales - Abbie
Abbie Wilding


National Mentorship Coordinator


"Having come from a Widening Participation background as a first generation university student, I can remember how difficult and isolating the application process can be. I want to do my best to improve that for future medical students."

London & Midlands - Sana Habib
Italia Leech


National Mentorship Coordinator


"Hi! I’m Italia, I’m a medical student from the University of Leeds and I’m currently intercalating at HYMS. I’ve been a Regional Head for 2 years so I can’t wait to continue with In2MedSchool in my new role!"

Sana Habib


National Mentorship Coordinator

(London & The Midlands)

"As a medical student from a widening participation background, I understand how how relentless the application process can prove to be especially without support. I really value the role In2MedSchool plays in helping students through such a challenging time and how they contribute to diversifying Medicine. Last year I really enjoyed my role as Regional Head at The University of Sheffield. This upcoming year I look forward to being part of the National Mentorship Coordination team to help support the new Regional Heads in their role."

Southampton - Emily Kent.jpg
Emily Kent


National Mentorship Coordinator


"I am so proud to be part of this fantastic initiative where I can play my part in helping aspiring medics from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve their goals of getting into medical school. This year I am delighted to have been promoted to a National Mentorship Coordinator for England, having previously been a Southampton Regional Head and a mentor. I am so excited to take on a bigger role this year, as well as continue being a mentor, and I can’t wait to work with you!"

Scotland - Laura Low
Laura Low


Schools’ Engagement Coordinator 


"As someone with a range of mental health conditions, I was immediately disadvantaged when applying to medical school. The impact of mental illness on daily life is still underestimated and fields, like medicine, are difficult to break into when you have more barriers to face than others. Supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly those with mental health conditions, and providing them with opportunities that I never had myself, are why I dedicate my time to In2MedSchool."

Scotland - Laura Inglis.jpeg
Laura Inglis


National Mentorship Coordinator


"I believe medicine should be accessible to everyone. My own route to medical school was far from straightforward, and I appreciate how overwhelming the application process can be. In2MedSchool is a fantastic programme and I am beyond excited to be joining the national mentorship team this year. I’m looking forward to supporting our fantastic team to continue to expand this programme and help as many students as possible achieve their dreams!"

Our Regional Heads

Within In2MedSchool, each region in the UK is attached to a local Medical School, which is overlooked by a Regional Head. Meet our Regional Heads!

Our Events Team

Anna C.jpg
Anna Chiara Corriero


Events Director

"I'm originally from Italy so when I applied to medical school, I felt very lost and #insecure. I would like to be the guide that younger me would have benefitted so much from, offering advice and kind words of encouragement."

Charmaine Lim

Events Director

"As an international student with no doctors in the family, I have been fortunate with the support I received throughout my medical school application and I aim to return this favour back to those who need it, starting with the family we’ve built in In2MedSchool."

Patricia Lapitan.jpg
Patricia Lapitan

Events officer

(Speaker Liaison)

"When I was applying for medical school, I didn’t receive much support from my school and I never knew about all the amazing resources available provided by organisations like In2MedSchool. I’m looking forward to being part of a team of such passionate individuals with the shared goal of making applying to medicine as accessible and enjoyable! I hope to facilitate a whole range of events that really make this possible."

Anna J.jpeg
anna jiang


Events officer

(Media Liaison)

"I was first introduced to In2MedSchool by a friend, then I later applied to be a mentor. I enjoyed working with my mentee and wanted to be more involved within the organisation. Therefore I am excited to work with the Events and Media teams this year as the Events and Media Liaison Officer! I look forward to what we will be doing this year and the success of all our amazing aspiring medical students!"


Events officer

(Speaker Management)

"I’m passionate about making medicine accessible to all and giving students the toolkit to make their application the best it can be.

tamzin ogiliev

Our Academia Team

Adrienn Gyori


Academia Director

"Having applied to medical school on two separate occasions, encountering a number of challenges along the way, I’ve accumulated plenty of first-hand experience on what makes for a successful application. With over 10 years of tutoring experience, as an NHS doctor, I’m passionate about supporting I2MS mentees take the first step on this daunting yet exciting journey!"

Naireen Asim.jpeg
Naireen Asim


Academia Officer

(Assistant Director)

"Hello! My name is Naireen and I am one of the Academia directors. Very happy being part of In2MedSchool, and hope to utilise my experiences here in making the medicine application process alongside curriculum more accessible to all."

Louise Penhaligan


Academia officer


“My role is to help introduce you to the UCAT and learn how to approach it in order to maximise your score. It’s my pleasure to share my passion for learning and problem-solving to help students reach their full potential and make them more competitive in their application to medical school."

Leah Heartin.jpeg
Leah Heartin


Academia officer


"The UCAT is a demanding test, and one of the biggest hurdles prospective medicine applicants face. There’s lots of resources out there but these can be expensive and difficult to navigate. With In2Med I hope to make practicing for the UCAT a bit easier and give students the tips and tricks to be successful on their test day!"

Marvin Duenger.jpg
Marvin Duenger


Academia officer

(Personal Statement and Writing Skills)

“The personal statement can be a major opportunity or challenge depending on the resources we have to hand. I'm very proud to be working with In2MedSchool to reduce barriers to UK medical education by supporting underrepresented students to express themselves in writing. I think giving back is important and am excited to do so from within this initiative!"

Kirsten Heri.JPG
Kirsten Elizabeth Heri


Academia officer

(Personal Statement and Writing Skills)

"I am really excited to be a part of the Academia team for In2MedSchool this year. Over the last 2 years, I have helped edit countless of personal statements for medical applicants so I only thought it was fitting to work alongside an incredible organization that helps give 1000s of students the same opportunity. I am looking forward to all the events lined up for the upcoming academic year and everything the role has to offer. "

Medha Raketla


Academia officer

(Personal Statement and Writing Skills)

“I'm incredibly excited to be part of a team that allows talented young people to pursue their dreams of becoming a doctor! I hope to do my best in this role to make medicine more accessible to everyone."

I2MS Logo with White Background
Harish Narayanan


Academia officer

(Personal Statement and Writing Skills)

“I am thrilled to be part of In2MedSchool’s Academia team and help medical applicants refine their personal statement and improve their academic writing skills."

Esther Adeyemi


Academia officer


"In2MedSchool has accomplished an incredible amount in such little time. I am priviledged to be able to contribute to the work they do as an Interview Officer. Looking forward to supporting aspiring Medical students with their Interview Prep!"

Charlie Bailie


Academia officer


“As a graduate student who had to interview for their first degree, as well as several full time jobs, I'm used to answering hard questions. Producing resources and working as an Interview Officer for In2MedSchool is an important step to making sure all our students who step foot in an interview room have the best shot at success."

Arjan Nagra.jpeg
Arjan Singh


Academia officer


"I’m Arjan, a junior doctor working in London. With every passing moment a career in medicine is becoming inaccessible for those from a low income background. If we are to represent the population we treat we cannot have doctors solely from privileged backgrounds. The interview is where many of these potentially fantastic candidates are filtered out. I am here to deliver a new and effective interview course to ensure that In2MedSchool mentees are 100% prepared."

Will Austin.jpeg
Will Austin


Academia officer


"I felt lost when I was applying to medical school, but I was extremely fortunate to benefit from some great advice, I'm hoping I can try and help others in the way I received help. I'm very excited to be working with In2MedSchool in trying to provide support for the tricky interview process required for people interested in a career in medicine."

Masooma Ali.jpeg
Masooma ALI


Academia officer


"I’m excited to be a part of the In2MedSchool team this year and take part in the fantastic work they do to improve access to medical school! Interviews are undoubtedly the most nerve-wracking part of the application process, so I look forward to creating resources and sharing my top tips in order to allow students to reach their full potential!"

Anna Mehrem.jpeg
Anna Mehrem


Academia officer


"I am the BMAT officer for In2MedSchool. I am passionate about education, and would really like to support people through their BMAT. I am eager to see what the next phase in the In2MedSchool journey brings!"


Our Ambassadors Team

Ambassadors - Maya Dyson.jpg
maya dyson


Ambassadors CO-Director

"Equal opportunities and improving accessibility in medicine is something that is extremely important to me. I’ve really enjoyed my role as an In2MedSchool mentor, and I’m looking forward to expanding on this to help more prospective medical students achieve their aspirations."

Ambassadors - Meg.jpg
megan harrison

Ambassadors Officer (Education Officer)

"I really believe in the social cause behind widening participation and feel passionate about providing equity for schoolchildren into higher education, particularly medicine which can seem so inaccessible if you're an outsider. I'm excited to be on board and help with the education side of things."

In2MedSchool logo_edited_edited.png
Ambassadors - Lizzy.jpg
lizzy wasson

Ambassadors Officer (Secretary)

"I remember how stressful the process of applying for medicine was and was shocked at the lack of diversity when I arrived. I want to help students from more disadvantaged backgrounds to really pack their applications and show the universities all the amazing things they have to offer."

Laurence Gesman.jpeg
Laurence Gesman


Ambassadors Officer (Opportunities Officer)

"Being a care-leaver showed me what a struggle it can be to get into medical school without a support network. I am dedicated to supporting In2MedSchool in helping disadvantaged students."

Katie Hutchinson
Katie Hutchinson

Ambassadors Officer (Opportunities Officer)

"For too long now, Medicine has been seen as a career for the privileged and wealthy. This needs to change! I'm a big believer in diversity breeds innovation, and I'm excited to be part of the team to pave for a new generation of medical students."

Aalap Asurlekar.jpeg


Ambassadors Officer (Opportunities Officer)

"I strongly believe that diversity in medicine is not only good for the profession, but for delivering better patient outcomes through a diversified perspectives. Access to the privilege of studying medicine should be more balanced and through my role as Opportunities Officer, I strive to source work experience for our mentee’s and help them gain an essential understanding of what medicine entails."

Our Media Team

myurri lohesan


Media Director

"I joined the team in order to play my part to help those individuals like me, from disadvantaged backgrounds, to achieve their dreams, so that they are inspired to do the same in the future."

Megan (Social Media Officer).jpg
Keagan Witts

Photography & Videography Officer

"Since hearing about In2MedSchool I have been in awe and inspired by their work. I'm very privileged to be involved with the media team to help showcase the amazing work of the charity's volunteers, as well as helping spread the message about the options and support available to those who would not otherwise get it. I truly believe that everyone who wants to follow their dreams and become a doctor should be afforded the opportunity to apply and succeed in their ambitions. In2MedSchool offers truly unique opportunities to those that would not receive them otherwise and I'm very proud to say I'm a part of the charity for that."

Naqiya Hassanali

YouTube & TikTok Content Producer

"Applying for medicine can be daunting for most. In2MedSchool lets me do my bit in taking away some of the confusion and uncertainty around the process. Ultimately to help aspiring medics gain the confidence in saying, I can get In2MedSchool 😊."

Arwa Kheir


YouTube & TikTok Content Producer

"I am a passionate digital media student that loves spreading knowledge and information in a fun creative way."

Megan ng


Media Officer (Events)

"Applying to medicine isn’t easy - I remember struggling to navigate the process myself back in sixth form. I hope to help more students tackle the application process so that everyone with an interest in the field, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to realise their ambitions."

Bei Fang.jpg
bei fang teo


Media Officer (Ambassadors)

“I believe that one must always show kindness whenever we can, and I have always lived by this. This is one of the reasons why I joined In2MedSchool to help those in need.”

Akshi Kumar

Media Officer (Mentorship)

"​The process of joining medical school is notoriously hard and with In2MedSchool I hope to work alongside other students like myself to ease the journey for many prospective students. I hope that with my experience in the world of social media that I can open our services to everyone irrespective of who they are and where they're from, bringing In2MedSchool across nations to everyone who needs our help!"

Benjamin Khoo


in2medschool Webmaster

"Being part of In2MedSchool is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has allowed me to work with amazing like-minded and passionate individuals in laying the groundwork to nurture and support aspiring medical students in their journey to preparing for medical school. By launching the newly launched In2MedSchool website, I hope to further simplify and improve access to resources for aspiring student doctors in the United Kingdom."


Our Communications Team

Nikita headshot.JPG
nikita chauhan


Communications Director

"I think it's of great importance that young people are given the support to pursue a future geared to their passions, hence my want to work alongside this scheme. Medicine requires an individualistic approach, medical schools need to witness the upmost applications to view each unique mindset."

Lucy Winrow.jpg


Communications & Mentorship Officer

"Applying for med school without any guidance is something I wouldn't wish on anyone as medicine can seem really hard to understand the application process and make the most of it. It's important that everyone gets a fair shot at getting into med school and I can't wait to help people from backgrounds similar to my own access to as much support as possible."

I2MS Logo with White Background
Sana Imaan


Feedback Officer

"In2MedSchool is a great scheme providing support for students from widening participation backgrounds. Improving access to Medicine is something very important to me and so the opportunity to help others through mentoring has been extremely rewarding. I now look forward to working as Feedback Officer for the team and aim to improve our services for all aspiring medical students. I’m excited to get started and hope to help prospective medics achieve their goals on their journey to studying Medicine!"

Gurleen Bansal


Feedback Officer

"The medical school application process is long and demanding. I know that I was grateful for any help I was able to get from other companies, med students or doctors, so I'm excited to be a part of something that helps make the application process a little bit easier for those that need it. I hope anyone can feel confident applying to medical school."


Our Welfare Team

Hannah okechukwu


Welfare Director

"I am super excited to get involved in this scheme having taken part in other mentoring programmes where I have seen the many challenges some students may face on their journey to medicine. I can’t wait to play my part in giving them much needed support throughout the process as part of the In2MedSchool team"

Nusaybah Akhmid

Welfare Officer

"Applying to medicine is hard but the right support can make it easier. I joined In2MedSchool as a Welfare Officer because I struggled a lot during my application to med school and I want to be able to share what I learnt from the process so that other students feel less isolated and alone."

Cambridge - Lucy Li.heic
Lucy Li

Welfare Officer

"The medicine application process is gruelling in itself and factors that leave you in a disadvantaged position can create big inequalities in applicants. I joined the In2MedSchool team to bridge that gap and support those from disadvantaged backgrounds in their application so that they have the best possible chance of securing an offer. I look forward to working with this amazing team and make a real difference."

Leah Clarke.jpeg
Leah Clarke

Welfare Officer

"I have been involved with In2MedSchool previously as both a mentor and regional head, so I am extremely excited to continue volunteering as part of the welfare team this year. Having doctors that come from a wide range of backgrounds is extremely important so I am looking forward to being involved again this year."

Anne Berry.jpg
Anne Berry

Welfare Officer (Administration)

"I am a final year medical student at KCL and this is my third year volunteering with In2MedSchool. I have mentored 1-2-1, acted as a Regional Head and now am taking on an administrative role within the Welfare Team. I am excited to get stuck in with more of the work that goes on behind the scenes with In2MedSchool as I believe strongly in its goal of improving the accessibility of medical school to students not typically well represented in medical student bodies."

Grants & Partnerships

Jenna pic (Director of G&P).jpg
jenna stocks


Grants & Partnership Director

"In2MedSchool is a great initiative that helps aspiring medics through the medical application process and makes sure each has equal opportunity. It is a privilege to be a part of the In2MedSchool team and work to secure grants, funds and partnerships for the initiative so it can further support Mentees."

Ioana pic (sponsorship officer).jpg
ionna raducanu

Sponsorship Officer

"I've enjoyed mentoring with In2MedSchool. It's really amazing how motivated my Mentee is. Seeing her passion for medicine helps rekindle my own interest in the degree that I've chosen. It's an incredibly satisfying experience. I feel privileged and grateful to be able to work alongside her in whatever way I can. I wholeheartedly recommend mentoring with In2MedSchool."



Sponsorship Officer

"I'm so excited to be working towards making medicine more accessible. I believe becoming a doctor should be for those who are willing to work for it and feel their purpose lies in a career in medicine. Widening participation is an endeavour close to my heart."

tracy nguyen
James Tavner.jpeg
James Tavner



"I'm so excited to be working towards making medicine more accessible. I believe becoming a doctor should be for those who are willing to work for it and feel their purpose lies in a career in medicine. Widening participation is an endeavour close to my heart."


Our Research Team

Jack Plume.jpg
Jack Plume


Research Director

"As soon as I had gotten through the medical school application process, I knew I wanted to play a role in making the process more accessible to all. Mentoring with In2MedSchool has been absolutely fantastic, and I am incredibly excited to lead our Research Division for the upcoming year!"


Acceleration Programme (IAP)

Umme Alam.jpg
Umme Alam


IAP Co-director

"Being a part of In2MedSchool has been a very rewarding experience so far. Having overcome the challenges of the medical school application process, I wanted to try my best to make it a little easier for those who are in a similar position to me when I was in year 13 and I believe that being part of the In2MedSchool team is the best way to do this! I cannot wait to see the impact we make to aspiring medical students!"



IAP Co-director

"Having gone through the medicine application cycle myself, I know how relentless and daunting the process is. When I was in year 12-13, I would have loved the extra insight into the process, what to do, what books to get, how to get the most out of work experience etc. And now, since I’m in this position where I can actually provide help, it made sense for me to get involved."

Louisa Fox.jpeg
Louisa Fox


School Academic Officer

"It's a pleasure and privilege to be part of the In2MedSchool team, previously as a mentor and now as part of the Acceleration Programme! Medicine is a career that anyone is capable of achieving no matter where you come from, and it really should be more accessible for everyone. Being someone who didn't get into Med School straight from A-levels, I completely empathise with the stress of applying, so hopefully we can help you in some way on your journey to becoming a Doctor!"

Molly O'Riordan.jpg
Molly O'Riordan



"Being the first person in my family to go to university, I found it very daunting applying to medical school on my own. The whole application cycle felt like a shot in the dark. Now that I'm in Graduate Entry Medicine, I want to pass on that knowledge to people from similar backgrounds to me."

Octavia Smith.jpg
Octavia Smith



"Hello everyone, I’m Octavia! This year, I am an academic officer within In2MedSchool’s new Acceleration Programme. I am excited to provide teaching sessions throughout the year, to inspire and help students get into medical school."

Katherine Poon.jpeg
Katherine Poon


School Academic Officer

"With a passion for teaching and helping others succeed, I am delighted to join to the In2MedSchool Acceleration Programme in expanding the accessibility to study Medicine. I look forward to sharing my experience with sixth form students, hoping to motivate and encourage their interest in Medicine and eventually achieve their deserved place."

In2medpicture_Qaasim Shafi.jpg
Qaasim Shafi


School Academic Officer

"From the outside, medicine is daunting - especially so if you lack both belief and support from others. As part of the acceleration programme, I'm honoured to provide that support and belief and help a wide range of talented students from under-represented communities gain a foothold in medicine."

IMG_4542_Guowei Yang.jpeg
Guowei Yang



"Applying to medicine as a widening participation student myself, I was fortunate enough to receive help and support from widening participation initiatives, such as In2MedSchool. Through the IAP, I hope I can help aspiring medics overcome the same challenges that I faced and make the process of applying a little less stressful."

8BFED099-1C82-4FFF-9DF5-AA5167E17F8A_1_201_a_Danielle Wilkinson.jpeg
Danielle Wilkinson



"I found the process of applying for medical school extremely difficult to navigate during my time in sixth form. By joining In2Medschool, I hope to help students in a similar position as myself. I am excited to work with the team to equip students with the knowledge needed to apply for medical school, creating more opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds to fulfill their dreams of becoming a doctor!"

68A542EF-1392-4ABB-B974-633D8E824306_Sherry Zhou.png
Sherry Zhou



"Hiya this is Sherry, a third year medical student at Imperial College London. I’ve just joined In2MedSchool this year but am very excited to be working on the Acceleration Programme."

Andeep Photo_Andeep Singh.png
Andeep Ghataure


School Academic Officer

"Hi, I am a second-year medical student at the University of Birmingham, with a passion for making Medicine at University more inclusive. To do this, I volunteer in multiple widening participation positions – including as an Academic Officer as part of our Acceleration Programme, and as a In2MedSchool mentor. I hope to use my personal experiences to inform and inspire the next generation of medics!"

IMG_0461_Alanna Birdi.jpg
Alanna Birdi


School Academic Officer

"I am delighted to be part of this initiative that seeks to provide equality of opportunity for all medical school applicants. I understand that the application process can be daunting. Therefore, I would like to offer support to help students overcome challenges they may face on their journey to medical school. I look forward to working with the In2MedSchool team for another year!"

ID Professional photo_Leckhna Chajed.jpg
Leckhna Paras Chajed



"Hi, I'm Leckhna and I am one of the School Academic Officers with IAP. I am really passionate about ensuring that medicine is a career that is accessible to all, regardless of your social background and am really excited to be part of this amazing team!"

photo_Risheka Suthantiraku.jpg
Risheka Suthantirakumar



"I'm super excited to join In2MedSchool, having heard soo many good things about it, I'm really excited to work with the team and students to help them achieve better! Having gone through the medical application process myself, I understand that it's a challenging process and there's endless things to do, but I'm hoping that I can help at least one student to achieve their dream of being a doctor!"

4F9DF9D7-E427-4B0F-A9D5-5B4D295F513E_Ross Stein.jpeg
Ross Stein


School Academic Officer

"Hi I’m Ross and I’m 23. This is my first role in In2MedSchool and I’m excited to get started. I really wanted to join the programme as it’s something I think needs a lot more work in medicine. I manage my work life balance by football. Only by football."

4F9DF9D7-E427-4B0F-A9D5-5B4D295F513E_Ross Stein.jpeg
IMG_4318_Stephanie Tiu.jpeg
Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 14.38.34.png
Picture 1_Priya Patel.jpeg
lyuben2_Lyuben Truykov.jpg
40_10-27-11.55.33_Maham Malik.jpg
CCD8E8DD-7C86-41D2-8F8F-CC9F4B80C370_Etaasha Kachroo.jpeg
Steph Tiu


School Academic Officer

"Hi everyone, having joined In2MedSchool last year as a mentor, I recognised the importance of reducing inequalities and improving diversity. I am delighted to be able to continue our impactful work here this year as School Academic Officer, expanding our reach to widen access, and provide support into medicine for aspiring medics from all backgrounds across the country."

Chelsea Stubbs


Lifestyle Medicine oFFICER

"Having been heavily involved with medical education since my first year of medical school, I'm very passionate about the subject as I believe that great teachers make great doctors. Lifestyle Medicine has also recently piqued my interest and so I’m keen to teach others about it too. Fun fact about me: I could rollerblade for hours and never get bored!"

Priya Patel


Lifestyle Medicine Officer

"As the first person in my family to go to university, I understand how challenging applying to medical school can be. With experience mentoring and tutoring students, I’m excited to help make this process easier for aspiring medics and can’t wait to share my passion for medicine!"

Lyuben Truykov


Chief Curriculum Developer

"Hello! My name is Lyuben, currently an intercalating student (between Year 4 and 5) at the University of Exeter. I have been involved with In2MedSchool since 2020, having been Regional Head for Exeter for 2 years. I have moved to the Acceleration Programme now with my job involving reviewing the curriculum that we deliver and supporting the School Officers. I have interest in Clinical Education, specifically Widening Participation and English as a second language students' experiences. Outside of university and In2MedSchool, I really enjoy cooking and baking and am on a tumultuous journey of improving my recipe list!"

Maham Malik


Internal Communications Officer

"I am a medical student at the University of Manchester with a particular interest in widening participation and global health."

Etaasha Kachroo


External Communications Officer

"I’m a 3rd year medical student at Aston University. I’m from India and I like reading novels, and dancing too. I’ve been volunteering with In2MedSchool for 2 years now and it has been a great journey so far, being a medical student I’m aware of how helping someone can mean impact in so many ways and I wish to keep helping people one way or another, my whole life. For years I’ve loved volunteering and taking up new responsibilities and gain experience and In2MedSchool has been another feather in my cap."