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Meet the core committee

Acceleration Programme (IAP)

Umme Alam.jpg
Umme Alam


IAP Co-director

"Being a part of In2MedSchool has been a very rewarding experience so far. Having overcome the challenges of the medical school application process, I wanted to try my best to make it a little easier for those who are in a similar position to me when I was in year 13 and I believe that being part of the In2MedSchool team is the best way to do this! I cannot wait to see the impact we make to aspiring medical students!"



IAP Co-director

"Having gone through the medicine application cycle myself, I know how relentless and daunting the process is. When I was in year 12-13, I would have loved the extra insight into the process, what to do, what books to get, how to get the most out of work experience etc. And now, since I’m in this position where I can actually provide help, it made sense for me to get involved."

Louisa Fox.jpeg
Louisa Fox


School Academic Officer

"It's a pleasure and privilege to be part of the In2MedSchool team, previously as a mentor and now as part of the Acceleration Programme! Medicine is a career that anyone is capable of achieving no matter where you come from, and it really should be more accessible for everyone. Being someone who didn't get into Med School straight from A-levels, I completely empathise with the stress of applying, so hopefully we can help you in some way on your journey to becoming a Doctor!"

Molly O'Riordan.jpg
Molly O'Riordan



"Being the first person in my family to go to university, I found it very daunting applying to medical school on my own. The whole application cycle felt like a shot in the dark. Now that I'm in Graduate Entry Medicine, I want to pass on that knowledge to people from similar backgrounds to me."

Octavia Smith.jpg
Octavia Smith



"Hello everyone, I’m Octavia! This year, I am an academic officer within In2MedSchool’s new Acceleration Programme. I am excited to provide teaching sessions throughout the year, to inspire and help students get into medical school."

Katherine Poon.jpeg
Katherine Poon


School Academic Officer

"With a passion for teaching and helping others succeed, I am delighted to join to the In2MedSchool Acceleration Programme in expanding the accessibility to study Medicine. I look forward to sharing my experience with sixth form students, hoping to motivate and encourage their interest in Medicine and eventually achieve their deserved place."

In2medpicture_Qaasim Shafi.jpg
Qaasim Shafi


School Academic Officer

"From the outside, medicine is daunting - especially so if you lack both belief and support from others. As part of the acceleration programme, I'm honoured to provide that support and belief and help a wide range of talented students from under-represented communities gain a foothold in medicine."

IMG_4542_Guowei Yang.jpeg
Guowei Yang



"Applying to medicine as a widening participation student myself, I was fortunate enough to receive help and support from widening participation initiatives, such as In2MedSchool. Through the IAP, I hope I can help aspiring medics overcome the same challenges that I faced and make the process of applying a little less stressful."

8BFED099-1C82-4FFF-9DF5-AA5167E17F8A_1_201_a_Danielle Wilkinson.jpeg
Danielle Wilkinson



"I found the process of applying for medical school extremely difficult to navigate during my time in sixth form. By joining In2Medschool, I hope to help students in a similar position as myself. I am excited to work with the team to equip students with the knowledge needed to apply for medical school, creating more opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds to fulfill their dreams of becoming a doctor!"

68A542EF-1392-4ABB-B974-633D8E824306_Sherry Zhou.png
Sherry Zhou



"Hiya this is Sherry, a third year medical student at Imperial College London. I’ve just joined In2MedSchool this year but am very excited to be working on the Acceleration Programme."

Andeep Photo_Andeep Singh.png
Andeep Ghataure


School Academic Officer

"Hi, I am a second-year medical student at the University of Birmingham, with a passion for making Medicine at University more inclusive. To do this, I volunteer in multiple widening participation positions – including as an Academic Officer as part of our Acceleration Programme, and as a In2MedSchool mentor. I hope to use my personal experiences to inform and inspire the next generation of medics!"

IMG_0461_Alanna Birdi.jpg
Alanna Birdi


School Academic Officer

"I am delighted to be part of this initiative that seeks to provide equality of opportunity for all medical school applicants. I understand that the application process can be daunting. Therefore, I would like to offer support to help students overcome challenges they may face on their journey to medical school. I look forward to working with the In2MedSchool team for another year!"

ID Professional photo_Leckhna Chajed.jpg
Leckhna Paras Chajed



"Hi, I'm Leckhna and I am one of the School Academic Officers with IAP. I am really passionate about ensuring that medicine is a career that is accessible to all, regardless of your social background and am really excited to be part of this amazing team!"

photo_Risheka Suthantiraku.jpg
4F9DF9D7-E427-4B0F-A9D5-5B4D295F513E_Ross Stein.jpeg



"I'm super excited to join In2MedSchool, having heard soo many good things about it, I'm really excited to work with the team and students to help them achieve better! Having gone through the medical application process myself, I understand that it's a challenging process and there's endless things to do, but I'm hoping that I can help at least one student to achieve their dream of being a doctor!"

Ross Stein


School Academic Officer

"Hi I’m Ross and I’m 23. This is my first role in In2MedSchool and I’m excited to get started. I really wanted to join the programme as it’s something I think needs a lot more work in medicine. I manage my work life balance by football. Only by football."

4F9DF9D7-E427-4B0F-A9D5-5B4D295F513E_Ross Stein.jpeg
IMG_4318_Stephanie Tiu.jpeg
Steph Tiu


School Academic Officer

"Hi everyone, having joined In2MedSchool last year as a mentor, I recognised the importance of reducing inequalities and improving diversity. I am delighted to be able to continue our impactful work here this year as School Academic Officer, expanding our reach to widen access, and provide support into medicine for aspiring medics from all backgrounds across the country."

Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 14.38.34.png
Chelsea Stubbs


Lifestyle Medicine oFFICER

"Having been heavily involved with medical education since my first year of medical school, I'm very passionate about the subject as I believe that great teachers make great doctors. Lifestyle Medicine has also recently piqued my interest and so I’m keen to teach others about it too. Fun fact about me: I could rollerblade for hours and never get bored!"

Picture 1_Priya Patel.jpeg
Priya Patel


Lifestyle Medicine Officer

"As the first person in my family to go to university, I understand how challenging applying to medical school can be. With experience mentoring and tutoring students, I’m excited to help make this process easier for aspiring medics and can’t wait to share my passion for medicine!"

lyuben2_Lyuben Truykov.jpg
Lyuben Truykov


Chief Curriculum Developer

"Hello! My name is Lyuben, currently an intercalating student (between Year 4 and 5) at the University of Exeter. I have been involved with In2MedSchool since 2020, having been Regional Head for Exeter for 2 years. I have moved to the Acceleration Programme now with my job involving reviewing the curriculum that we deliver and supporting the School Officers. I have interest in Clinical Education, specifically Widening Participation and English as a second language students' experiences. Outside of university and In2MedSchool, I really enjoy cooking and baking and am on a tumultuous journey of improving my recipe list!"

40_10-27-11.55.33_Maham Malik.jpg
Maham Malik


Internal Communications Officer

"I am a medical student at the University of Manchester with a particular interest in widening participation and global health."

CCD8E8DD-7C86-41D2-8F8F-CC9F4B80C370_Etaasha Kachroo.jpeg
Etaasha Kachroo


External Communications Officer

"I’m a 3rd year medical student at Aston University. I’m from India and I like reading novels, and dancing too. I’ve been volunteering with In2MedSchool for 2 years now and it has been a great journey so far, being a medical student I’m aware of how helping someone can mean impact in so many ways and I wish to keep helping people one way or another, my whole life. For years I’ve loved volunteering and taking up new responsibilities and gain experience and In2MedSchool has been another feather in my cap."

Kutloogh Qureshi


Spotlight/Lifestyle Series Content Creator


"Hi, I'm Kutloogh and I'm a third year medical student at Imperial College London. I am really excited to be joining the Acceleration Programme this year and hope to help the team in creating great resources!"

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