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The In2MedSchool Blog

As part of the In2MedSchool Mentoring Programme, we’re offering the opportunity for you to become medical bloggers. This is a great opportunity for you to explore an area that you’re particularly interested in, and will be great for both your personal statement and also in your preparation for interviews!

We’ll also provide you with a certificate to say you are a medical blog author for In2MedSchool.

Here is a list of specifications when writing your blog post. We would like you to write a piece based on the following title:

Please write about a recent study or discovery that you found interesting and explain what you think the implications are for the medical field?

As this will be the first time many of you have written a blog, we’d like you to work with your Mentor. Please allow your Mentor to review your blog and provide suggestions before you send in your final version.

Once you have a Blog ready please submit it as a word document using this form below: In2MedSchool Mentee Blog Upload Form

Grants and Bursaries


5x£100 grants, provided by Tom Donaldson Charitable Trust Foundation in partnership with In2MedSchool, were awarded in July 2021.

These grants aim to support our Mentees with any costs they may face, whether work experience related, to buy stationery or to aid their day-to-day costs. This applies to our Mentees in East Midlands Region only

Find out more about Tom Donaldson Charitable Trust here.

You can hear testimonials from our winners here.

Other grants

We are currently working with our partners on the development of further grants and bursaries to support our Mentees - please watch this space!

Webinars and Conferences

We run fortnightly webinars covering various aspects of the medical school application including interviews and entrance exams, as well as events exploring life of medical students and doctors to name but a few!

You can learn more about our past and upcoming events here and access past events on our YouTube channel.

Work experience

Check out some of the work experience blogs produced by our 2020/2021 Teaching & Education Team members Alisha and Rehaan in the Work Experience Zone here. This includes:

  • Finding work experience in a pandemic

  • Applying for Work Experience: The Art of Writing Letters and Emails

  • Learning from my Work Experience - Useful Tables and Charts

More resources are available to our Mentees in the Mentor Resource folder.


Writing a CV

Written by Rehaan Khokar, 02/11/2020
Y2 Medical Student and Regional Head (Newcastle) & In2MedSchool Teaching/Education Officer

When applying to university, you will be required to write a short personal statement about yourself detailing who you are and why you want to study the course you have chosen. For medicine specifically, the personal statement is orientated around why you want to be a doctor and what qualities, skills and experience you have that will make you a good doctor.

Thus, it would be a good idea to practise writing up a CV to include:

  • Short personal statement

  • Education and grades

  • Work experience and voluntary work

Producing a CV in Year 12 would be very useful as it will allow you to attempt to focus on writing a concise piece of information about yourself and seeing how this will be presented to your Universities!

The other obvious advantage is that you have a CV ready and complete which you can use to apply for any jobs (paid or voluntary) and submit to hospitals, GP surgeries, care homes and other places where you can gain insightful work experience to help prepare your application!

Take a look at the ‘CV Template’ for an idea about how to organise your CV and write up a CV!

Copy of CV Template

Medicine Summer Schools 2020-21

Check out the list of Medicine Summer School opportunities for 2020-21 below:

Medicine Summer Schools 2020-21