"It has been really helpful in my application process for medicine. A excellent resource and really grateful for this massive help! Thank You!" - October 2020

"I enjoyed my session with my mentor, which was very inspiring and helpful. She cleared up some doubts and worries that I had about the career path and how to get onto it. I would recommend this programme to any fellow students as it is really helpful and useful." - September 2020

"I'd like to say thank you again, the programme has really given me insight into not only the world of medicine/work but what it feels like to live as a medical student. Something I really needed since I only ever saw the positives. Everything is amazing. Thank you very much really glad you took me in." - November 2020

"It was very helpful and the fact that it isn't so specific makes it more accessible to me and gives me more confidence to ask questions not only based on medicine. I think that I really need this as a push to start thinking really well on where I want to go after sixth form." - September 2020

"It’s a very helpful scheme as it’s providing me with everything I need to know" - October 2020

"The sessions are informative and well prepared for, I look forward to having my next session each week." - January 2021

"Thanks to this wonderful program I am having an over view of medicine application and studying medicine in university as well as lots of tips about interviews, entrance exams, etc that the hardworking and supportive members of this program are providing for free which is a hugely appreciable work." - February 2021

"I feel like the resources which have currently been offered have been beneficial for my aim to get into a Russel group medical school" - October 2020

"I think In2MedSchool is an amazing organisation and have helped me with my journey into medicine so far and am very thankful to everyone making this happen especially during the pandemic." - December 2020

"I have found my experience with In2MedSchool very useful! Throughout my application process, my mentor has been very helpful in guiding me and answering any of my queries! From choosing universities, personal statement suggestions and mock interview practice, I have found that all these resources have really been helpful in maximising my chances of acceptation into Medical School. I definitely feel supported, and I am glad I joined this programme!" - March 2021

"I really appreciate the mentoring programme as it has helped me immensely with medical school application. I have had regular meetings with my mentor and she is absolutely so helpful. We have been doing mock interviews so it has been really useful. Overall, the experience has been positive and would recommend the programme to anybody."

- February 2021

"I would like to say a huge thank you for the opportunity to be apart of this program. Attending meetings with my mentor has really helped me on what it means to be a medical student , and what requirements are needed. I have a clearer insight of what I need to do , to get to where I need to go . In2medschool has definitely been extremely helpful." - December 2020

Mentee Feedback About Their Mentors

"I’d like to thank you for pairing me with my Mentor, she is such a nice person who really helped me prepare for my interviews. I found that the meetings leading up to my interviews prepared me really well and I was able to feel more confident for my interviews. I would not have been able to do it without my Mentor and this scheme so thank you so much! I have nothing but positive things to say about this whole experience! " - February 2021

"My mentor was super nice and is willing to help with anything I needed help with. She reassures me that I'm doing my best and that it'll be okay." - October 2020

"My Mentor has been so kind and helpful, very prepared to go above a beyond and has reassured me a lot about a future in medicine." - September 2020

"I found it extremely useful and I thoroughly enjoyed my Zoom calls with my Mentor. I felt extremely comfortable talking to my Mentor and was able to ask any questions I could think of. She also provided really useful PowerPoint which helped with my preparation for interviews. Also, the communication was good between the two of us and we regularly emailed regarding what time would suit us both" - February 2021

"I really enjoyed my zoom call with my Mentor, as they answered all the questions I had and told me more about life at Imperial as I have applied there. I’m looking forward to getting more help from them!"
- September 2020

"My Mentor has really given me useful tips and information regarding medicine. She even went out of her way to help me with my A level studies, on which ways would help me revise better, how I can manage my stress!" - January 2021

"The Mentors provide great feedback and are really helpful. They are very quick to reply which is really useful."
- October 2020

"The meetings we’ve had so far have been really useful. I’ve gained an insight into life as a medical student and I’ve had my queries answered. I know if I need any support with my application or the process of getting into medicine I have my mentor to give guidance and support. This support has increased my confidence so I thank my mentor and In2MedSchool for everything so far." - December 2020

"I really enjoyed my zoom call with my Mentor, as they answered all the questions I had and told me more about life at Imperial as I have applied there. I’m looking forward to getting more help from them!"
- September 2020

"I’ve really enjoyed having a mentor.
Such a huge help and I’m so grateful for this opportunity to talk to someone who thinks just like me. The advice given by her is such a huge help and this programme/workshop has made me more confident in my future." - January 2021

"Thank you for helping me to understand how to go about looking for universities and what I can do to stand out and have a better chance of being offered a place at a school of my choice. Before the meetings, I was a bit worried about my application after hearing stories about others who applied for medicine so thank you for helping me clear my misconceptions. I am looking forward to our next meeting."

"My Mentor is very helpful. Amazing to be very honest. She helps me plan everything from my personal statement to exams aswell as helping me to manage school work." - February 2020

"Thank you for creating this programme the advice given by my mentor was extremely helpful, I’m glad that I applied." - December 2020

"My mentor is great, she was very kind and friendly making me comfortable to ask any questions I had about medicine and providing help with anything I needed." - January 2021