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What Do We Do?

In2MedSchool is a widening participation initiative.

We are a group of medical students and junior doctors helping underprivileged school children apply to study Medicine and related subjects at University.

​We have a free 1:1 mentoring scheme to support students aged 16 - 18 years old.
We also create events and resources to support people applying to higher education.


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Acceletation Programme

To give aspiring medical students the confidence and ambition to succeed with their educational aims and well as their lives.

*This section is currently being updated and content will be available shortly.


Are you a medical student or a doctor? Interested in mentoring an aspiring medic throughout the medical school application process? Click below to find out more. and to sign up to be a mentor with us as well.


We host webinars and workshops every fortnight, including our own annual Applying to Medical School Conference. Want to rewatch past events to stay updated with things? Click below to find out more.


Are you a doctor? We are looking for doctors to facilitate a 5 day work experience placement for aspiring medics from disadvantaged backgrounds. Click below to find out more.


Are you interested in becoming a doctor? In this section you can find out more about the medical school application process and resources relevant to the application process.

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