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What is In2MedSchool?

In2MedSchool is a Widening Participation initiative which provides free 1-to-1 ongoing mentoring for students aspiring to study Medicine.

Our Mentors are medical students and junior doctors from all over the UK wanting to give back to their communities.

Alongside mentoring, we run various webinars and provide variety of resources to support our Mentees.

Our aim is to aid aspiring medical students in their medical school applications.

We currently have over 2500 medical students and doctors looking to help a student from underprivileged backgrounds.


This is an initiative that can run for 2 years* (beginning of Year 12/S5 until exams in Year 13/S6) *current year 13/S6 students are also eligible.

Expectation is to have 1 face to face with mentors at the beginning of the initiative followed by 8 ‘virtual meetings’ (1 per half term) and then finishing with a face to face at the end of the initiative.

The initiative is completely free for students and schools. No costs will ever be incurred.


Allow students to have a personal Mentor to encourage them in their studies towards becoming a medical student

Support with BMAT and UCAT examinations

Support with personal statement, work experience and interview preparation

Our ultimate goal is to help young students with a passion for Medicine get into Medical School and create a legacy of medical students.


Student must fulfil at least one of the following*:

Neither parent has attended university

Recipient of free school meals

Have been in care

Are a young carer

Estranged from both parents or guardians

Have a disability

Are a forced migrant

Are Black African or Black Caribbean

Attended a non-selective state school for GCSE/A-level or SQA Highers/Advanced Higher

Do not have a parent in a skilled profession

Live in a neighbourhood with low progression to higher education (Please check POLAR/Acorn data)

Speak English as a second language

*At the moment, In2MedSchool mentoring focusses on supporting Mentees from disadvantaged backgrounds who match our selection criteria. Unfortunately if you attend a grammar or private school, we are unable to offer you 1-1 mentoring however, you can still sign up to join - we will add you to our mailing list, and you will be able to sign up and attend our free events if you wish!

How did the project begin?

In2MedSchool developed as an idea during the summer of 2020 with a LinkedIn post from our founder Brian Wang.

At the start of September, Brian began reaching out to a few Mentors to gain support with setting up the programme.

Following numerous meetings and having recruited some of the current Regional Heads, the Mentor signs ups reached 1500 Mentors by the end of September 2020!

Since then, the team has set the foundations for the initiative and has been working tirelessly on developing variety or resources and events to support our Mentees and Mentors.

Check out the detailed story here


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Winner of the Most Sustainable Project award at the National Widening Participation Conference 2020.

The award recognises "a project that is well planned and has the potential to be effective in the long term" acknowledging that "the project is resourceful and appropriate for the current working environment".

The conference was organised by the Medical Schools Council (MSC) and supported by members of the National Medical Schools WP Forum.

Inequalities in Health Alliance

We are a part of the Inequalities in Health Alliance, a coalition of organisations with an interest in improving the health of the UK. The organisations have come together to campaign for a cross-government strategy to reduce health inequalities - this coincides with what our work, which aims to diversify the future generations of doctors!


In2MedSchool is proud to work alongside other charities and initiatives to support our network and to work towards breaking barriers.

Find out more about our partners here


In2MedSchool would like to extend many thanks to our sponsors who's support helps to drive the initiative forward.

Find out more about our sponsors here