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  • Q: What are the requirements to become a Mentor with In2MedSchool?

    A: To become a Mentor, you need to be a current medical student or doctor with a passion for widening participation in Medicine. Additionally, you should be willing to commit to meeting with your Mentee at least once every 6-8 weeks and adhere to our charity's code of conduct. You can find out more in our dedicated Mentors ( page.


    Q: Do I need to have gone to school in the UK in order to be a Mentor?

    A: No! You will still have gone through the Medicine application process, which is the mainstay of questions that your Mentee will have for you. We also provide you with a Mentorship booklet that details all of this... If you need a reminder! We regularly run exam preparation webinars that your Mentee can attend, should they need this support.


    Q: What is the time commitment expected from Mentors?

    A: We expect Mentors to meet with their Mentee, at a minimum, at least once every 6-8 weeks. 


    Q: What training and support will I receive as a Mentor?

    A: As a Mentor, you will undergo our Mentorship induction session to familiarise yourself with our mentorship framework, best practices and guidelines. Additionally, you will have access to ongoing support from your Regional Head ( and access to resources ( to enhance your mentoring experience.


    We also host teaching sessions every two weeks about various medical topics which you can sign up via MedAll ( 


    Q: How will I go about scheduling my meetings with my Mentee?

    A: After both you and your mentee have attended one of our induction sessions, you will liaise directly to find a suitable time to meet virtually in a platform of your choice (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc). Make sure that the meeting is recorded and uploaded to our Meeting Track Form right after, as per your responsibilities as a Mentor. You are not allowed to share phone numbers or contact your Mentee via any other method than email.


    Q: How can I find a Mentor through In2MedSchool?

    A: To find a Mentor, you can sign up as a Mentee ( on our website and complete the mentee application form. Your local Regional Head ( will match you with a suitable Mentor based on your your location, usually within three weeks.


    Q: Is anyone eligible to join the In2MedSchool Mentorship Programme?

    A: To be eligible to join, you need to be in your penultimate year of school, not attending a private/independent school and meet at least one of our widening participation criteria. You can read more about it on our Mentees ( page.


    Q: I don't meet any of the Mentorship criteria, can I still get support from In2MedSchool?

    A: Absolutely! Anyone is welcome to attend our (completely free) events ( and access dedicated online resources ( to enhance their academic and personal development.


    Q: What kind of support can I expect from my Mentor?

    A: Your Mentor will provide advice and personal support to help you navigate your journey towards medical school. They will assist you in setting goals, developing the best application strategy, writing your personal statement and preparing for interviews. You can also attend our (completely free) events ( and access dedicated online resources ( to enhance your academic and personal development.


    Q: Can I choose my Mentor?

    A: The short answer is no. To make sure that our Mentees get support as quickly as possible, we match you based on your geographical location first and, if no one is available, we will match you with any Mentor that is. If you have any concerns about this, please get in touch ( 


    Q: I am in my final year of school, can I still apply for a Mentor?

    A: Our programme is designed to run for two years so you can only apply for Mentorship in your final year if you're deciding to take a gap year before applying to Medicine (i.e. you're not applying this year).

  • Q: How can my school/child benefit from In2MedSchool's support?

    A: In2MedSchool offers a range of programmes and resources designed to support students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. These include a free 1-to-1 Mentorship programme (, workshops ( and access to online resources ( enhance academic and personal development.


    Q: Is there a cost associated with participating in any of the In2MedSchool's programmes?

    A: No, all of our programmes and resources are provided free of charge to schools and students. We are committed to promoting equal access to opportunities for aspiring medics from diverse backgrounds.


    Q: How can I get my school involved with In2MedSchool?

    A: Schools can get involved by contacting the Schools' Engagement Programme ( expressing interest in partnering with In2MedSchool. 

  • Q: How can our organisation collaborate with In2MedSchool?
    A: Organisations interested in collaborating with In2MedSchool can contact our Sponsorship team ( to discuss potential partnership opportunities. We welcome collaborations that align with our mission of widening participation in Medicine.

    Q: What types of partnerships does In2MedSchool offer?
    A: We offer various partnership opportunities, including sponsorships, joint events and resource sharing. Our team is open to exploring mutually beneficial partnerships that support our shared goals and objectives. We define our relationships with other organisations in one of four ways:
    Sponsor = a company that offers In2MedSchool financial support in exchange for advertising as outlined in the sponsorship tiers  
    Partner = a non-corporate company that works with In2MedSchool in ways other than financial on a long-term basis
    Collaborator = a company that works with In2MedSchool in the short-term (e.g. collaborates with In2MedSchool on an event)
    Supporter = an organisation that supports In2MedSchool’s vision and values, but is not involved in any other capacity


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