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Who Are We?

In2MedSchool is a widening participation initiative which consists of over 2,500 medical student and doctor volunteers from across the UK wanting to give back to their communities.
The initiative aims to support students from widening participation backgrounds with their journey into university, with a focus on medical school applications. Alongside mentoring, we run various webinars and provide a variety of resources to support our Mentees.

Our Central Team focuses on the smooth delivery of the programme, and is underpinned by the wonderful work of our one-to-one Mentors. Learn more about the structure and individual members of Our Team on National and Regional levels, including TrusteesBoard of DirectorsOfficers and Regional Heads.

Programme Outline

This is an initiative that runs for 2 years, starting during a pupil's Year 12 (England/Wales), Year 13 (Northern Ireland) or S5 (Scotland). They will be matched to a dedicated volunteer mentor who will have virtual meetings (minimum 1 per half term) throughout the duration of the programme.

The initiative is completely free for everyone involved. No costs will ever be incurred
*Current year 13/S6 students are also eligible

Purpose of the Programme

  • Allow students to have a personal Mentor to encourage them in their studies towards becoming a medical student and/or recognising what pathway is suitable for them
  • Support with BMAT and UCAT examinations
  • Support with personal statement, work experience and interview preparation
  • Our ultimate goal is to help young students with a passion for Medicine get into Medical School - creating a legacy of medical students, and to support students who decide to pursue non-Medicine pathways to make informed decisions about their university journey​

Entry Criteria

To become a mentee on our programme, you must meet all the following criteria:

  • Be a current Year 12 (England/Wales), S5 (Scotland) or Year 13 (Northern Ireland) student.

    • If you are in a later year of your education, you can only apply if you are taking a gap year before applying to medical school.

    • If you are not in school/college, you cannot join the mentorship programme.

  • Studying at a public/state school (not private or independent school*)

  • Considering an application to Medicine

  • Meet at least one of the following Widening Participation criteria:

    • Neither parent has attended university

    • Recipient of free school meals

    • Have been in care

    • Are a young carer

    • Estranged from both parents or guardians

    • Have a disability

    • Are a forced migrant

    • Are Black African or Black Caribbean

    • Attended a non-selective state school for GCSE/A-level or SQA Highers/Advanced Higher**

    • Do not have a parent in a skilled profession

    • Live in a neighbourhood with low progression to higher education (Please check POLAR/Acorn data

    • Speak English as a second language

    • Have a Gipsy, Roma or Traveller background

*Currently, we are not accepting students from private or independent schools however, students from these schools can still sign up to our events and newsletter.

** For 2022/23 only, students from grammar schools are able to apply if they meet other widening participation criteria. This will be reviewed by the In2MedSchool team over the summer term for future academic years.

Brian wang in the midle on his graduation day at the University of Cambridge, with his sister on the left and his mother on the right

Our Story

In2MedSchool developed as an idea during the summer of 2020 with a LinkedIn post from our Founder Brian Wang. Following his initial post, Brian received over a 100 volunteer signs-ups from medical students and junior doctors all over the UK, and he worked to locate the schools and to identify Mentees throughout the summer.

During this time, our Co-Founder Gabriela Barzyk who signed up to be a mentor on the original LinkedIn post, was contacted by Brian regarding potential two mentees in her remit. Gabriela replied asking if Brian needed any help with the initiative. At this point, Brian was trying to manage the 100+ sign-ups independently and was eager for support. Brian and Gabriela met virtually, and Gabriela came up with the idea to contact Warwick medical students via social media channels to try gain more mentors. Overnight, 80 new mentor sign ups were gained, and Gabriela and Brian quickly realised this was a great way to drive recruitment.

With many meetings to recruit local leads at each university, the initiative went from 100+ sign ups at the beginning of September 2020, to 1500+ sign ups by the end of September 2020, and the first Mentor cohort was formed under Gabriela’s guidance at Warwick Medical School.

With each new “Regional Head” being recruited to lead mentor cohorts, In2MedSchool team began taking its shape, and the organisation gained its official name while developing the foundations for the initiative.

In2MedSchool Logo Icons. From left to right: Green circle with white brain outline inside, orange ircle with a white outline of a book, blue circle with a white outline of a stethoscope and pink circle with a white outline of a lightbulb


Since then, many of our wonderful Regional Heads became Officers to lead the drive, eventually becoming Directors when the organisation became a charity in February 2022. The team have been tirelessly working on developing variety or resources and events to support the Mentees and Mentors on our mentorship programme. Now at over 3000 Mentees and 4000 volunteers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we hope to continue driving change for widening participation students. 

Aims & Objectives

More information available soon!

What We Do?


In2MedSchool is an award-winning national widening participation charity who supports students from disadvantaged backgrounds during their sixth form/ college journey while applying to university. We offer regular one-one mentoring with a local medical student, fortnightly webinars and enrichment activities, and a multitude of resources to our members and volunteers.  

We have a network of over 4,000 medical students and junior doctors across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and 3,000 Mentees who joined our two-year mentoring and events programme since our inception in the late summer of 2020. 

Our Mission


To provide a support network for students from widening participation backgrounds, who aim to study medicine and get to university, by providing regular mentoring, numerous resources, and various enrichment opportunities to:

  • Drive their personal development,  

  • Ensure they make the right career choices  

  • And to empower them to see their potential.

Our Vision


To eliminate barriers faced by widening participation students and shaping a healthcare workforce representative of the community it serves.

Our Values


Community – we believe in the power of our community in supporting each other and understand that community development is a vital tool for social transformation. 

Inclusivity – we are committed to promoting equitable opportunities which recognise and respect the rich diversity and differences of the people we work with and serve.  

Enrichment – we strive to provide valuable activities, opportunities and resources that enrich our members, and ongoingly challenge ourselves to grow and push boundaries.  

Sustainability – we are thorough and analytical in our operational activities, aiming to set high standards which ensure that the organisation can run smoothly and benefit our members in the long term.

Championing – we believe in empowering students from widening participation backgrounds, advocating for them and championing for a wider systemic change.


Awards & Recognition

Social Mobility Awards 2022.png
Community Champions, Third Sector Awards 2022
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