Our Mentorship programme offers one-to-one support for pupils who meet certain widening participation criteria and are eager for help with their medical school application.


Our Mentorship programme is, and always will be, completely free for all parties involved.

You can find more information on Mentors and Mentees by clicking the hyperlinks.

With regards to our MENTORING SCHEME, hopefully most of you have been paired with a year 12/13 student and you’re enjoying your mentoring experience.

  • *For those who are have been regularly meeting with your mentee, thank you.*

We will be sure to get you some feedback from your mentee for your portfolio at the end of the year. Please also be sure to record & document these meetings:

  • *For those who are yet to be matched to an Aspiring Medical Student*

Please remember to fill out the DBS and Safeguarding form - they literally take 2 minutes to complete and after that we will match you. The link is found:

  • *For those who been previously matched to a year 12/13 but your student has been  unresponsive/dropped out:*

 Please re-register to the scheme using the link: and our priority will be to match you ASAP with a mentee who replies and are engaged with the scheme

Meet The Mentorship Team
Lee Fernandes.jpg

Lee Fernandes
Mentorship Director (England)

"Having gone through the medicine application cycle myself, I know how relentless and daunting the process is. When I was in year 12-13, I would have loved the extra insight into the process, what to do, what books to get, how to get the most out of work experience etc. And now, since I’m in this position where I can actually provide help, it made sense for me to get involved."

Umme Alam.jpeg

Umme Alam
Mentorship Officer England

"Having overcome the challenges of the medical school application process, I wanted to try my best to make it a little easier for those who are in a similar position to me when I was in year 13 and I believe that being part of the In2MedSchool team is the best way to do this!"


Rohan Chikal
Mentorship Officer England

"I'm incredibly excited to be a part of the National Mentorship Coordination team this year since it will allow me to help students from all kinds of backgrounds across the UK! In2MedSchool is a platform that helps students overcome barriers to higher education while also providing crucial support to those who most need it. I am a firm believer of equal opportunities for all, and I will utilise this platform to share my experience, advice and support with students interested in pursuing a career in Medicine."

Joana Rodrigues.jpg

Joana Rodriguez
Mentorship Director (Scotland, Ireland and Wales)

"As someone who had to face their own struggles to become a medical student, I want to help you by sharing advice and supporting you through the process of application. I have a background in teaching and tutoring so I am passionate about helping others. Your experience of being a mentee with In2MedSchool will be rewarding and allow you to get knowledge, experience and advice from people like me who have been through the things you are going through!"

Heynes Profile Photo In2MedSchool - Heynes Brown.jpg

Heynes Brown

"I am very excited to be a part of In2MedSchool! Applying for medical school can be a seemingly endless challenge, with personal statements, aptitude tests and interviews. Having been through the entire process, I know it isn’t as daunting as it first might seem! I would love to give back to those who would benefit from the support and guidance that In2MedSchool offers, in order to help others to fulfill their potential and to become the great doctors that they aspire to be!"