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Our Partners             

We are proud to work with various organisations to provide our Mentees with opportunities including grants and bursaries. Our partners are non-corporate companies that works with In2MedSchool in ways other than financial on a long-term basis.  



The Tom Donaldson Charitable Trust: ‘Trust me, I will be a Doctor’ was set up in 2018 in memory of Tom Donaldson, a newly qualified doctor from Derbyshire. Having completed his final exams at the University of Manchester, Tom was on his elective in New Zealand in February 2009 when he died following an accident that resulted in a head injury.


Aged just 23, Tom would have helped hundreds of people as a doctor but did not have the chance to make that happen. In Tom’s memory, the Trust supports other young people to achieve their dream of becoming a doctor and help the people Tom dreamed of reaching.

Specifically, the Trust supports young people from backgrounds of social and educational disadvantage in their applications to study Medicine at university, by working with partners to provide small grants to disadvantaged sixth form students applying to Medical Schools, providing information on all stages of the application process, and raising awareness of the work experience opportunities available.

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Developing the Young Workforce

Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) is about Education and Employers working in partnership, creating opportunities for young people to develop skills, understand and prepare for the world of work.


Their work supports the delivery of the Young Person’s Guarantee through the employer-led Developing the Young Workforce Regional Groups set up across Scotland connecting employers with education.


DYW works with organisations like In2MedSchool to connect them with young people and educators.

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british society of lifestyle medicine


BSLM is a community of healthcare professionals and patients, committed to a new approach to healthcare, based on the emerging discipline of lifestyle medicine.

Lifestyle Medicine is evidence-based, clinical care that supports behaviour change through person-centered techniques to improve mental wellbeing, social connection, healthy eating, physical activity, sleep and minimisation of harmful substances and behaviours.

Our Sponsors

In2MedSchool would like to extend many thanks to our sponsors whose support helps to drive the initiative forward. Our sponsors are companies that offer In2MedSchool financial support in exchange for advertising as outlined in the sponsorship tiers. In2MedSchool is proudly sponsored by the following entities.  

Doctors in distress


Doctors in Distress is a UK Charity dedicated to providing mental wellbeing support to healthcare workers, aiming to reduce suicide rates.


It was set up in 2019 after the suicide of Dr Jagdip Sidhu, a cardiologist who killed himself in November 2018 by Amandip Sidhu, his brother. It campaigns for greater awareness of the pressures facing doctors and more compassionate and supportive workplaces and to help medical professionals to feel they can talk openly about issues like burnout and mental health.




Medify is an EdTech company specialising in medical and dental university admissions, and is the world’s leading UCAT course provider.
Our primary goal is to widen access to medicine and dentistry with cutting-edge education solutions, giving our students the best possible support on their journey to medical school.

For more information visit:

or email



At Pastest our mission is to empower today’s med students to become world-class medics through accurate and innovative revision material. Our popular Finals resource contains over 5,500 med-school specific questions, a spot diagnosis library, anatomy demonstration videos and free OSCE, PSA and SJT resources – all of which can be accessed online or offline using our free mobile app!


Sign-up to a free 48-hour trial to see what you think:


The MDU is the UK’s leading medical defence organisation. We provide medico-legal advice, support, and professional indemnity for doctors. We also offer membership to medical students. As a future doctor you’re expected to meet certain standards of professional behaviour in school, and we can help students facing a fitness to practise hearing. We’ve supported more than 600 students with cases over the last five years. 

Visit our student hub and read about the help, support and advice we give for the doctors of tomorrow. Student hub - The MDU


A collaborator is a company that works with In2MedSchool in the short-term (e.g. collaborates with In2MedSchool on an event).


A supporter is an organisation that supports In2MedSchool’s vision and values, but is not involved in any other capacity.  


We have also been lucky enough to receive grant funding from the following companies.   


If you would like to work with In2MedSchool in any of the above capacities, please email .   





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