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Sign up now to join our mentoring initiative focusing on providing aspiring medics across the UK with the help and advice they need to get into medical school.


    Our mentoring initiative focuses on providing aspiring medics aged 16-19 across the UK with a mentor who can guide you through the medical school application process, for free!


    The mentor will be a current medical student at your local medical school or a local doctor, and they will be able to guide you throughout all stages of your application process, from prepping for entrance tests, to mock interviews!

    1. Apply

    2. Submit parent permission slip (if eligible, receive this within three weeks)

    3. Matching process - timing varies, aim is to happen within 3 weeks from permission slip

    4. First meeting (depends on how quickly you are matched)

    5. Meet at least once every half term

    6. Up until mentee drops out/get In2MedSchool

  • To become a mentee on our programme, you must meet all the following criteria:

    • Be a current Year 12 (England/Wales), S5 (Scotland) or Year 13 (Northern Ireland) student.

      • If you are in a later year of your education, you can only apply if you are taking a gap year before applying to medical school.

      • If you are not in school/college, you cannot join the mentorship programme.

    • Studying at a public/state school (not private or independent school*)

    • Considering an application to Medicine

    • Meet at least one of the following Widening Participation criteria:

      • Neither parent has attended university

      • Recipient of free school meals

      • Have been in care

      • Are a young carer

      • Estranged from both parents or guardians

      • Have a disability

      • Are a forced migrant

      • Are Black African or Black Caribbean

      • Attended a non-selective state school for GCSE/A-level or SQA Highers/Advanced Higher**

      • Do not have a parent in a skilled profession

      • Live in a neighbourhood with low progression to higher education (Please check POLAR/Acorn data

      • Speak English as a second language

      • Have a Gipsy, Roma or Traveller background

    *Currently, we are not accepting students from private or independent schools however, students from these schools can still sign up to our events and newsletter.

    ** For 2022/23 only, students from grammar schools are able to apply if they meet other widening participation criteria. This will be reviewed by the In2MedSchool team over the summer term for future academic years​

    • Engage with your mentor regularly, facilitating the scheduling of at least one virtual meeting per half term;

    • Respond to e-mails promptly and politely;

    • Inform in advance (24h) if unable to attend a meeting with your mentor or one of our events.

    • Get 1-to-1 support, reassurance and motivation;

    • Learn from your mentor’s experience with applying to medical school;

    • Hear what life is like in medical school and working within the healthcare environment;

    • Get direction and advice about where to look for information regarding medical school;

    • Get support in writing your personal statement and preparing for interviews.

Mentee Testimonials


"My mentor has been extremely helpful and has sent me multiple things for my to look at and apply for. She really listens to me and gives me the best advice."

- Devine, Year 12 Student, Mentee


"I really like my mentor, she's been really helpful and she is really helping me on my way and journey to medicine. she plans what we are doing for the next meeting and this is helpful because I see the progress we are making. We started off with looking for work experience and writing up a draft for work experience."

- Zahra, Year 12 Student, Mentee


"The mentoring programme involved interview practice which provided me with invaluable skills for the future which I will always appreciate. The webinars on the application process were also helpful as it allowed me to strategise my places effectively. Both aspects of In2MedSchool are fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone."
- Billal, Year 1 Medicine, Bart & The London, Mentee

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This will allow us to better support aspiring medics aiming to study Medicine in the UK.

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