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Meet Our
IAP Team


Our Vision​

In2MedSchool Acceleration Programme (IAP) was set up with the aim to increase the percentage of schools from where students apply to study medicine. Regardless of educational or socioeconomic background, we share the belief of Michael Marmot as set out in his 2010’s review of existing inequalities, that we need to enable citizens of all ages to maximise their capabilities and thus, the control over their own lives.  Put simply, IAP aims to give aspiring medical students the confidence and ambition to succeed with their educational aims as well as their lives.


The In2MedSchool Acceleration Programme (IAP) is designed by Doctors working at Imperial College London and the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

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  • Schools where less than 1% of school participants have gotten into medicine

  • State schools


  • Any Year 12 or 13 students who are wanting to study a healthcare-related course




  • Improve students understanding of application process, understanding of functioning of the NHS and problems faced by NHS 

  • Prepare students for interviews 

  • Build upon students’ writing skills and reflective abilities 

  • Prepare students for UCAT & BMAT 

  • Educate students in effective revision and revision techniques 

  • Enhance student’s understanding on life as a medical student 

  • Improve student’s personal statement and CV writing 

  • Promote early work experience exposure, educate on how to seek work experience 

What we do:

  • Deliver 3+ workshops per term 

  • Conduct Mock MMIs and panel interviews 

  • Personal Statement and CV reviews 

  • 1-2-1 School Academic Officer support 



The In2MedSchool Acceleration Programme (IAP) is designed by Doctors working at Imperial College London and the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM).​


  • Allow students to access accurate information regarding their health 

  • Promote motivation to develop healthy behaviours 

  • Raise awareness in population health and public health 

  • Breaking down barriers and misconceptions to health 

  • Allow students to develop leadership skills 

  • Highlight the importance of looking after their health 


What we do:

  • Deliver termly workshops to students 

  • Students to undertake lifestyle project at the end of the curriculum

interpersonal skills:


  • Improve students’ communication, teamwork, time management, problem-solving and critical thinking 

  • Promote academic success and improve employability 

  • Optimise future patient care and outcomes 

What we do:

  • Launch an essay competition  

  • Launch Medical Society within enrolled schools



Aims :

  • The primary aims of the spotlight are to provide patient-centred learning which integrates scientific knowledge with clinical learning  

  • Foster an understanding of the MDT and responsibilities within a medical team  

  • Educate on NHS outlook on chronic disease

What we do: 

  • We invite doctors to deliver a talk about the day-to-day life of working as a doctor in their speciality 

  • Conduct case-based discussions with our students to educate and raise awareness on important health topics and chronic diseases, such as: 

  1. Diabetes 

  2. Coronary Heart Disease 

  3. Respiratory disease 


About the Curriculum:


Each session will be run by an experienced doctor, or a current medical student provided by In2MedSchool.  


The host will focus on delivering teaching following our established curriculum (see curriculum schedule) aimed at giving students the information necessary to thrive at the medical school application stage and beyond. 


These sessions will be run and hosted on Zoom on a Weekday Evening during the 2022/23 academic year. The exact time will be liaised to best suit the speaker and school.

Session layout:


Format: 1–2-hour sessions

Delivery: Held online or in person at no cost to schools 


Teachers will be asked to ensure where possible to monitor their students and aid the In2MedSchool volunteer in behaviour management, form completion and engagement. 


A short form will be sent out to students prior to and following the session to assess their opinions on the session/teaching and its efficacy.

curriculum schedule:

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Skills & Outcomes


  • Gain interpersonal skills  

  • Improve on personal statement and CV writing skills 

  • Gain understanding of medical career and functioning of the NHS 

  • Improve confidence and preparedness for medical school applications 

  • Learn about ethics in medicine and prepare for interviews 

  • Develop sustainable, healthy lifestyle habits 


  • Receive assistance in preparing students for applications 

  • Improve entry statistics into medicine 

  • Streamline application process 

  • Receive supervision for students’ progress and engagement 

  • Access to network of medical students and doctors to supplement students’ learning 

In2MedSchool Network:


  • Widen participation into medicine 

  • Address underrepresentation in medicine 

  • Diversify NHS workforce 

  • Assist schools in preparing students for UCAS application 

  • Allow every student to reach their full potential and achieve their aspirations 


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