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School sign-ups for the academic year 2023/2024 are closed at the moment. Click the link to express your interest in our Acceleration Programme commencing in 2024/2025.

In2MedSchool Acceleration Programme (IAP) is designed by Doctors and Medical Students


The IAP is proudly supported by 

Imperial College London and the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.


The In2MedSchool Acceleration Programme (IAP) was set up with the aim of increasing the percentage of state schools from where students apply to study medicine. Regardless of educational or socioeconomic background, we share the belief of Michael Marmot as set out in his 2010’s review of existing inequalities, that we need to enable citizens of all ages to maximise their capabilities and thus, the control over their own lives.  Put simply, IAP aims to give aspiring medical students the confidence and ambition to succeed with their educational aims as well as their lives.

1,174 Students

reached to date.

76 Schools

partnered with us.