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  • While In2MedSchool makes every effort to ensure that information on this site in relation to In2MedSchool and its activities is accurate and up-to-date, it does not accept any legal responsibility for any omissions or errors on the site unless due to its negligence or the negligence of its employees or volunteers.

    In2MedSchool makes every effort to ensure that all information on the site is accurate and safe but cannot accept liability for any resulting injury or damage unless due to its negligence or the negligence of its employees or volunteers. Views expressed by speakers involved in our events are entirely their own opinions and accounts of personal experiences, and do not represent the views of any university, and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position In2MedSchool holds.​

    In2MedSchool has no affiliation to any university. While In2MedSchool makes every effort to vet external sites, it does not endorse or accept responsibility for any external sites that may be linked to or from this site.​

    You can read more about our policies below. 


    You can also find answers to commonly asked questions in our Frequently Asked Questions section.​


    About Data Protection:


    In2MedSchool is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. This statement explains how we will collect, use and disclose information. This statement may change from time to time, so please check this page periodically.

    It’s important that you feel completely comfortable and confident that your personal information is in safe hands. In2MedSchool takes protecting your privacy extremely seriously and takes all reasonable steps to ensure your information is secure.

    The use of your personal information, why we collect it and what we save varies depending on how you interact with In2MedSchool, what consent you have given us and what the situation is. We have done our best to indicate this throughout the statement. There may be other privacy policies that apply to certain services we provide. We will make these explicit when they apply. Please read them before you subscribe for such services.

    What information we collect:


    We may collect a variety of personally identifiable or sensitive information from you for various reasons. For example, we may collect:​

    • Any personal details you may choose to give us, such as your name or email address. We save this so we can keep in touch with you.

    • Your education background, in order to process your application if you have applied to volunteer or be mentored with In2MedSchool.

    • Any equal opportunity data, or physical or mental health information that you may have given us if you apply to volunteer with In2MedSchool. This is so we can fully and fairly administer your application.​​

    Why we collect information:


    Whenever you interact or communicate with us, we collect personal information. This information allows us to function and become more efficient. Some examples may include:​

    • Processing volunteer applications. Your personal and sensitive information allows us to communicate with you and assess your suitability for the role.

    • Processing mentee applications. Your personal and sensitive information allows us to assess your suitability for the programme and to allocate you with an appropriate Mentor.

    • Continuously improving. We value any feedback, including complaints, you may have. In order to increase the impact we make and improve the service we provide to you and others, we need to communicate with you and collect personal information.

    • Being able to communicate with you is highly important to us, as your support can help transform the lives of disadvantaged communities.


    ​We would like to use the personal details you provide us to communicate with you about the impact you make and to give you our news. We may also let you know about other ways you could help us – whether that’s through seminars, events, or educational activities. We will always ask for your consent if we want to message you by email; however we do not normally ask for consent to make calls or to write to you if you are a supporter or volunteer because we have a legitimate interest to contact you, provided of course that this does not breach your fundamental rights.

    When you give us your details we will always tell you what we are going to do with them. If we request your contact details for any reason, you will always have an option to not give us them or to opt out. It is always your choice and you can change your mind at any time by contacting our team.​

    Where we collect information from:


    Examples may include:

    • From you directly, for example, when you fill out one of our volunteer applications or Mentee pre-registration form.

    • Google collects information in the form of cookies when you visit our website. This information is collected automatically. It does not contain any personal or sensitive information, so browsing is anonymous. For information on this, and the use of cookies, click here.​​

    How long do we keep your information for:


    We keep personal information for different lengths of time dependent on the purpose. For example, we would like to keep volunteer information beyond the length of a mentoring period so that we can keep in touch about our work, continue our relationship together and give volunteers the opportunity to communicate with us.

    We keep information about Mentees during their participation in the programme, after which the data is deleted unless a Mentee wishes to stay on our mailing list, whether to hear about our work or to sign up to become a Mentor once the Mentee joins a medical school.

    We want to ensure that the personal information we collect from you is used to appropriately support our work together and consider any future dealings that you would like to have with us. For example, many people ask to receive references for their volunteer work. In these cases it is important we have the correct personal information on file. You can contact us at any time to ask us to remove or amend your personal information.​

    Who we share your personal information with:


    If you apply to volunteer or work for In2MedSchool, your personal information may be used to run DBS checks at your allocated school. Should this be the case, your Regional Lead or a school contact will contact you to inform you that your information will be passed on or to request further information.

    Your personal information is accessible by the President, Vice-President, and Regional Head of the geographical area you are assigned to.

    We never sell your personal details to third parties for the purpose of marketing. Whenever we share or transfer your personal information, we comply with the standards set by the GDPR and this privacy statement at a minimum.​

    Social media and web advertising:

    If you are a social media user, dependent on your settings, we will use social media tools as part of our relationship with you. This may mean you receive targeted content on your feed from us, or we may ask the social media platform to use your profile to identify people similar to you, so we can find more people to support In2MedSchool (sometimes called profiling).


    How your information is secure:


    The security of your information is of utmost importance to us. We seek to use reasonable measures to protect your information as required by the law, in line with industry standards and in accordance with the policies In2MedSchool has set. Sensitive data is held under strict security conditions. If you have any reason to believe that any personal information we hold is no longer secure, please contact us immediately.

    Further information:

    The laws that say how your personal information can be used are:

    At In2MedSchool we try our best to go beyond the minimum and also follow the best practice code by the Fundraising Regulator.


    Your rights:


    You have the right to:

    • Ask for a copy of the personal data that we hold about you (your right to access)

    • Request that we delete personal data held on you, where we no longer have any legal reason to retain it (your right to be forgotten)

    • Change how you hear from us, opt out of marketing communications and opt out of us holding your personal data if we have no legitimate reasons to do so (your right to object)

    • Ask us to restrict processing of data – which means that we would need to secure and retain your data for our benefit but not otherwise use it (your right to restrict processing)

    • Ask us to supply you with some of the personal data we hold about you in a machine-readable format to another organisation (your right to data portability).​

    If you wish to exercise any of these rights; just get in touch with us at


    Our commitment to safeguarding:

    • Protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults from harm is central to achieving our mission.

    • At In2MedSchool, we are committed to ensuring the experience of our organisation is one that is free from any form of abuse or exploitation. Everyone who comes into contact with any person associated with In2MedSchool should at all times feel respected and safeguarded.

    • To enforce this, our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy has a range of preventative measures and systems to prevent any form of abuse, and clear procedures for disciplinary action in the event this policy is breached.

    • This page is updated regularly with In2MedSchool's rules and policies on all aspects of safeguarding and child protection. Whilst this page outlines the current rules and policies, these are reviewed regularly and can be revised at any time.​

    Discussing concerns:


    If you have concerns or wish to talk to someone in confidence about a safeguarding issue please contact the In2MedSchool Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSOs):​​

    Brian Wang

    Founder and Trustee, (+44) 07920068530

    Gabriela Barzyk

    Co-Founder and Trustee /, (+44) 07493881486

    Hannah Okechukwu

    Director of Welfare

    Further information on safeguarding: Click Here


    Volunteer Code of Conduct sets out the standards and expectations of volunteers in terms of professional ethics, integrity, acting as a representative and safeguarding, which support our vision, mission and values. You can find a copy of the Code of Conduct by clicking this link.


    Mentors code of conduct: Click Here


    What are cookies?​

    • Cookies are small text files stored on your computer, created by websites to improve functionality (such as remembering your preferred language), ease of use (remembering that you have logged in for the duration of your visit, rather than requiring a password on each and every new page you visit) or other purposes.

    • Cookies cannot spread computer viruses or access the contents of your computer. However, they may contain personally identifiable information.

    How we use cookies?

    • On the In2MedSchool website we do not use any cookies containing any personal information (such as your name, email address, etc)

    • Our cookies are run by Google and set by Google Analytics. Data from Google Analytics is used on an aggregate, rather than individual, level to improve our site (e.g. streamlining or signposting a user journey). They, therefore, count as “Performance cookies”.

    • Further information on GA cookies can be found at:

    • Google Analytics does not collect personal information.

    How to disable cookies?

    • If you would prefer not to receive any cookies from us you can configure your browser to reject them. Where your browser is configured to accept cookies we shall take this as consent to use cookies as outlined in this document. Please note that blocking cookies may result in parts of our website no longer functioning properly for you.

    • For information on how to change your browser’s cookie settings, please refer to


    What cookies do we use?


    In2MedSchool is a non-profit organisation run by medical student and junior doctor volunteers. All donations received by In2MedSchool are completely reinvested into the initiative, to support our platforms and to provide resources for aspiring medics.

    We are seeking funding to improve the quality and quantity of our current resources.

    Specifically, this entails:

    • Supporting aspiring students with small grants and bursaries.

    • Running our Breakout rooms for our online mentoring, which give our Mentors and Mentees uninterrupted meeting times.

    • Supporting the running of our free webinars and social media accounts which offer greater functionality, especially to support our hosting capacity for live events which reach hundreds of people.

    • Covering the cost of running our domain and hosting services.

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